Apr 12, 2023
Mark Ostrom
JoyCollaborative - Creating environments for youth with life-limiting conditions

Joy Collaborative was inspired by a desire to champion for kids and youth living with conditions that limit their activity and often keep them isolated.  


Harnessing the power of design, we create one-of-a-kind "Joy Rooms" that bring delight, enhance independence, create community and foster well-being.


We are a partnership of impassioned doers and givers, including designers, architects, builders, donors, volunteers and sponsors. We come together to transform environments from a place kids have to be to a setting where they — and others — want to be.


In addition to helping individual families, by the end of 2022 Joy Rooms will be accessible to more than 5,000 kids through public spaces and facilities.


Joy Collaborative is a 501©(3).